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Top 10 Tips For First Time Travellers

Bordeaux, France

1. If you're South Asian/Arab/Middle Eastern/Muslim - chances are, while visiting a foreign country, you'll look for this:

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Or this:

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Or...maybe this?

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Either way, none of these exist in many countries around the world for erm, toilet purposes. There is also not enough toilet paper in the world. Take an extra, empty water bottle and ignore everyone's questioning stares as you carry it inside the loo.

2. Start travelling young.

3. Leave most of your clothes at home and get a smaller bag.

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4. Repeating clothes in instagram pictures is OKAY – most people don't care nor remember.

5. Get travel insurance – it ain’t sexy but neither is the thousands you could end up paying if you don’t have it.

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6. Do your research particularly if you’re visiting a culture very different to your own. Travelling isn't about doing cliché things and showing off on Facebook – it requires immersing yourself in a new environment and adapting to it.

7. Don’t judge and don't expect things to be the same as they are at home.

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8. Manners are universal - use them.

9. Leave a good impression of your culture on the countries you are visiting.

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10. Last but not the least - try local food and ditch the home diet.

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