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10 Resources To Conquer Your Travel Bucket List

Cinque Terre, Italy


A bucket list is not helpful if goals perpetually sit unfinished, and it is time to start turning your dreams into reality. Here are some practical resources to make sure your dream holiday does not remain a dream forever, and materialises into physical existence.

1. Start Today:

The more you snooze, the more you lose. Change that procrastination into determination, starting today.

2. Prioritise travel:

I'm constantly asked how I travel so much or how I 'afford' to travel and experience new tourism related avenues extensively. Truth is, people rarely have a pile of money or ample amounts of time to knock one of those trips off the bucket list. For me, travel isn't just a one-off vacation to a far-flung place and then reminiscing about it for years on end. I prioritise travel above everything else and refuse to imagine my life without it. THAT, requires diligence and sacrifice. I don't eat out as often, and find cheaper alternatives for desired clothes and accessories. If a fancy burger meal will potentially cost me a tenner, I'll save that money towards a furture holiday.

Kos, Greece

3. Start saving early:

Save, save, save! Whether it's one holiday or long-term travel plans - it isn't devoid of sacrifices. Even budget travelling requires adequate funds. Start saving early by cutting down added expenditures such as coffee dates and nights out with the girls. Yes, once in a while is doable but eradicate the habit of doing it weekly, even monthly! That extra wad of cash previously used for dining out, movies and fancy lattes will be saved for greater purposes of booking flights and accommodation.

4. Be accountable:

Make the commitment to travel more and hold yourself accountable - this should also be applied to all other areas of life. One way of doing said exercise is to disclose your travel bucket list to a close friend or family member in order to instil that sense of obligation. Revealing it to someone automatically raises the question of whether you're close to achieving your target or not.

Amman, Jordan

5. Pick starter goals:

Looking at your long list of aspirations, confused as to where to start is unlikely to get you anywhere. Focusing on too many goals can be distracting, hence, start by picking one to two to work on (one long-term and one short-term). A short-term goal can range from a number of simple things such as; checking out the nearby town you've ignored all your life, but is pretty famous for something in particular. A long-term goal is of course, the holiday destination of your choice.

6. Break down goals into actionable steps:

Creating baby steps is incredibly significant when you are trying to tackle a larger, long-term goal. It is less daunting to focus on small tasks, and getting that confidence boost with each little milestone achieved is the best feeling in the world.

7. Deadline your objectives:

Put deadlines to each objective and create a schedule. Setting a time limit helps in escaping the "some day" syndrome - a common excuse for not working towards your travel journey today.

8. Relish the planning phase:

Even if you have a few years to hit the destination of your choice, relish that phase of planning. Keep yourself motivated by clipping photos out of magazines and creating travel collages. Follow travel pages on social media for a quick dose of wanderlust in order to keep working towards your goal. The entire front walls of my bedroom are covered with pictures of my travels around the world, which works as a motivating factor for me to fill up empty spaces with more pictures. Remember; planning and anticipation are half the holiday fun!

55 countries currently gracing my bedroom wall - need to fit in more in future!

9. Choose a cheap destination and travel on the cheap:

10.Celebrate your success:

You're bound to face challenges while working towards a goal but that shouldn't transform obstacles into setbacks. Celebrate small milestones and treat yourself accordingly. You deserve it!


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