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Culinary Novi Sad: Top 6 Authentic And Cheap Serbian Thrills For Your Stomach

Food and drinks in Novi Sad, Serbia


Novi Sad is a city that does an excellent job with budget food options. Bulevar oslobođenja (very close to the city centre) may just be the ultimate in budget food row. There are a number of options with varied and local foods, available on the cheap! Here's my list of dining options that not only satisfy human appetite, but also the budget that comes with it.


There aren't any better Serbian-style pljeskavica (hamburgers) in Novi Sad, and the beauty of wildly popular Toster is that it does excellent ones! Tucked away in a jam-packed pasaž (passage), it's a Croatian-owned, cash-only joint doing fat, juicy and spicy (Carolina Reaper spicy!) burgers - along with a wise devotion to vegetarian options. An individual combo complete with fries and a drink will set you back a mere (RSD 400-600) €4-6.

Fish i Zeleniš:

This character-filled, snug little nook serves up the finest vegetarian and pescatarian meals in northern Serbia. Organic, locally sourced, ambient, impeccably delicious - triple tick. Check the daily specials or select one from the excellently prepared Mediterranean staples (their hummus is a treat for tastebuds), guided by the knowledgable staff. A complete meal doesn't break the bank and only costs between (400-600RSD) €4-6.

Spajz Salasa 137:

An interesting place that serves many traditional dishes from Vojvodina province, it caters to meat-lovers, vegetarians and pescatarians alike. The staff is always accommodating and ever-ready to answer incessant questions/recommend specialities. Side tip: they offer delectable breakfast items. Keep spare change with you - I was able to have a full meal for (400RSD) €4 only!


Kafeterija produces Novi Sad's best 'Third Wave' java in this cosy coffeehouse full of plush lounge furniture and exposed cement support beams. Lovely patio as well, with the creamiest chocolate cakes. A nice cup of coffee with dessert is between (200-350RSD) €2.5-3.


Vegetarian/vegan galore! Even if you fall under the carnivore category, these delectable plant-based meals will make your heart (and tastebuds) sing. Perfect for solo dining and quick lunch-break bites. A hearty meal complete with a drink costs (300-500RSD) €3-5.

Caribic Pizza:

Caribic specialises in pizza by the slice, however; also offers full sized pizzas and sandwiches. With amazing food quality and quick service, their staples are authentic Italian with a Serbian twist. One large slice of pizza only costs a meagre (100-120RSD) €1-1.5!

All of the above-mentioned cafes offer a plethora of food, snacks and excellent dessert options. Knock yourselves out!


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