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Top 10 Free and Pocket-Friendly Activities in Liverpool for Budget Savvy Travellers

Liverpool, United Kingdom


A vibrant city where four talented lads shook the world. A historic waterfront with years of rich history. A majestic skyline with views for days. Beautiful artwork at every turn and world class museums at every corner. There is no end to all the amazing things that Liverpool has to offer.

And you know what the best part is? Most of it is absolutely 100% free. It was so hard for me to narrow down the list to just 10 of my free favourites, however; these really are well worth your time.

1) Matthew Street:

No trip to Liverpool is complete without familiarising yourself with the Beatles legacy. Home city to John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison, every corner of Liverpool pays homage to the band. Hotels are named after their songs and pubs are named after the songwriters. However, Matthew Street really is where it all began. The foursome started their journey with the Cavern Club - right at the opening of the street. It houses a Wall of Fame with names of all the celebrities to ever have played in the club, and a statue of John Lennon which was installed after his assassination in 1980. There is a museum dedicated to the Beatles, countless souvenir shops, a cafe named Strawberry Fields and statues of Cilla Black, Eleanor Rigby and Lady Madonna. Rest assured, fans (and visitors) will not be disappointed (especially since all of it is free).

Outside the Cavern Club on Matthew Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom

2) Royal Albert Dock:

It truly is the vibrant heart of Liverpool's historic front. The dockside is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and features the largest collection of Grade I listed buildings in the entire country. Most museums located here are free. Some of these include:

1) Museum of Liverpool - the largest newly-renovated museum in the UK.

2) Tate Liverpool - featuring contemporary art.

3) Merseyside Maritime Museum - showcases original objects from the Titanic.

4) The International Slavery Museum - untold stories from enslaved people.

The only museum with an admission fee is 'The Beatles Story' Museum. It houses the world's largest, permanently displayed exhibit dedicated to the band. An adult ticket costs £17pp, children (5-16) enter for £13pp.

Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool, United Kingdom

3) Liverpool Cathedral:

The largest Anglican Cathedral in Britain and 5th largest in the world, it also is completely free. Fun fact: Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the man who designed Britain's most iconic red telephone booths, was also the mastermind behind Liverpool Cathedral. It survived both World `Wars, periods of recession along with great hardship, and is a testament to the dedication of Liverpool's residents and their skills.

Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool, United Kingdom

4) Sefton Park:

If you fancy a walk in Liverpool - especially during autumn - then I can't recommend Sefton Park enough. It's spread over a whopping 235 acre, with a beautiful green house and plenty of fishing lakes.

Sefton Park, Liverpool, United Kingdom

5) Baltic Triangle:

Liverpool has beautiful public art spread throughout the city, however; the city's Baltic triangle really takes the cake. Once the well-worn factory and workshop of the city back in the slave trade of the 1800s, is now a thriving and cutting-edge quarter of the city. Thought-provoking street art dominates lanes and districts, while lectures, talks and debates take place in most cafes/public spaces.

The Baltic Triangle, Liverpool, United Kingdom

6) Liverpool Central Library:

I'm a massive bookworm and can easily spend hours (if not days) in a library! And if it's as beautiful as Liverpool Central Library, then it's definitely a positive double whammy. It's the biggest out of the 22 currently present in the city, and is a stunning piece of architecture. There are endless floors of books and archives (also free to explore), and a little Costa Coffee for nibbles and tea. The rooftop is equally impressive with spectacular views of Liverpool.

Liverpool Central Library, Liverpool, United Kingdom

7) Beatles Statue:

A quintessential experience - no trip to the city is complete without posing in front of the iconic landmark. It is located right at the entrance to Royal Albert Dock, and is often surrounded by admirers and visitors.

Beatles statue, Liverpool, United Kingdom

8) River Mersey Waterfront:

Another waterfront but with different activities! River Mersey is located just a short ten minute walk from Royal Albert Dock with a large shopping centre and an impressive ferris wheel. Visitors can also take advantage of punting and paddle boats during warmer months. It's a beautiful place to chill( cuppa in tow) with wonderful viewing spots overlooking the river.

River Mersey Waterfront, Liverpool, United Kingdom

9) St. John's Beacon, Radio City Tower:

Such a fun experience and I highly recommend it! It's one of the most successful radio stations in the country, with breathtaking panoramic views of Liverpool. On a nicer day, you can see as far North Wales (alongside great music in the background)! It's situated right in the heart of the city and takes visitors 400 feet up in the sky. The best part? It only costs £3.50!

Radio City Tower, Liverpool, United Kingdom

10) Crosby Beach:

A beautiful windswept beach around 7 miles up the coast from the centre of Liverpool. It houses the eerie but beautiful ‘Another Place’ art installation by Anthony Gormley. There are 100 iron figures cast from the artist’s body buried at various depths in the sand, along a 3km stretch of the beach, looking out to sea. Best admired at low tide - definitely makes for a remarkable sunset photo.

Crosby Beach, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Liverpool is still relatively undiscovered by visitors and so incredibly underrated! Next time you plan a visit to the UK or England, ditch London and head to the North. Trust me, it's an absolute treat that both you and your pocket will appreciate. Thank me later! ;)


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