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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Keep Belgrade Right On Top Of Your Bucket-list!

Belgrade, Serbia


Belgrade - the city where Sava and Danube Rivers kiss, an old-world culture that at once evokes time-capsuled communist-era Yugoslavia, and new-world, EU contending, cradle of cool.

It is also the birthplace of:

1) Paprika

2) Best coffee in the world

3) Number one tennis player in the world

4) Aaand vampires. Yep, the legend of vampires originates from Serbia!

Remember Twilight?

Aside from potentially sparkling, blood-sucking creatures, let's look at all the other cool things to experience in Belgrade, shall we?

1) Church of St. Sava:

St. Sava Church is one of the largest Eastern Orthodox church buildings, ranking among the largest church buildings in the world. It is dedicated to St. Sava, founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church and an important figure in medieval Serbia.

Church of St. Sava, Belgrade, Serbia

2) Belgrade Fortress:

The most visited attraction in Belgrade - over 2 million tourists make their way to the fortress every year. It consists of the old citadel - upper and lower towns - and is located at the junction of River Sava discharging into the Danube.

Belgrade Fortress, Belgrade, Serbia

3) Kalemegdan Park:

Or just Kalemegdan; the largest park and most important historical monument in Belgrade. It is located on a 125 metre high cliff, and its name is formed from two Turkish words. "Kale", meaning "fortress" and "Megdan", meaning "battlefield".

Kalemegdan Park, Belgrade, Serbia

4) Sava Promenada:

The most popular summer popular summer promenade, dotted with restaurants, cafes, live entertainment, music, artistic motifs and so much more.

Sava Promenada, Belgrade, Serbia

5) Nikola Tesla Museum:

No visit to Belgrade is complete without visiting Nikola Tesla Museum! Dedicated to the mastermind who discovered electricity, it is a science museum located in the heart of the capital. Housing numerous scientific objects, personal items, interesting lectures, stellar interactive displays and over 160,000 original documents, the museum really honours the life and work of Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade, Serbia

6) Knez Mihailova:

if you crave shopping and a good cup of coffee, head down to Knez Mihailova - Belgrade's main pedestrian and shopping zone. Lined with amazing cafes, shopping centres, dessert parlours, interesting messages and damn good graffiti, it definitely is the place to be. Knez Mihailova is protected by law as one of the oldest and most valuable landmarks of the city.

Knez Mihailova, Belgrade, Serbia

7) Bajrakli Mosque:

A personal favourite, Bajrakli Mosque was built in 1575. It is the only mosque in the city out of the 273 that had existed during the Ottoman Empire's rule in Serbia. The modest interior is adorned with calligraphic inscriptions of verses from the Quran, and a fountain is present in the front yard for ablution.

Bajrakli Mosque, Belgrade, Serbia

8) Skadarlija:

Another personal favourite is the vintage street and urban neighbourhood of Skadarlija. Similar to Paris's Montmarte, it is the main bohemian quarter of Belgrade with colourful cafes and plethora of live entertainment.

Skadarlija, Belgrade, Serbia

9) Street Food:

If there is one reason you should visit Belgrade, it is for its food! It's a city where it's quite impossible to stay hungry. However, street food in Belgrade is on an another level. Serbs love grilled meat (or rostilj)! Another Godly staple is their bread! Make sure to jump aboard this holy grail of food, and sample as much as you possibly can.

Belgrade Street Food

10) Night Life:

In Belgrade, every night is a Friday night. People chill with coffee, drinks, music and dancing, and the atmosphere is always energetic and lively, In fact, Serbia is known throughout the continent for its intense night life.

Belgrade Nightlife

Outspoken, proud, adventurous and audacious, Belgrade definitely is a hidden European gem. Absolutely worth taking a trip to this part of the world, you guys!


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