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Top 10 Budget-Friendly Cafes In The World's Coffee Capital - Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia


Belgrade is a treat for caffeine lovers. Officially the coffee capital of the world alongside Zagreb in Croatia, there is enough variation and quality in caffeine culture to satisfy even the most demanding of coffee addicts. After trying out over 30 diverse coffee houses within the span of four weeks, I was able to come up with a list of my top 10!

1) Luff Gelato (£):

Visits to Belgrade must include the wonderful world of coffee and gelato at Luff. With vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free options plus outside seating, it's a no-brainer. The lovely little space offers up to 35 different ice-cream flavours and 10 coffee types; with the smoothest, creamiest textures. Bonus tip: people are super friendly and coffee beans are brewed to perfection.

2) Kafeterija (£):

Kafeterija is also one of Belgrade’s finest when it comes to brewing coffee beans, with a wide variety of types on offer. Pair up a classic cup of cappuccino with one of their decadent chocolate croissants, and you're set for Serbian coffee perfection.

3) Zoom Art Cafe and Photo Studio (£):

Exceptional coffee, beautiful colours, warm atmosphere and creative inspiration all around, Zoom is another excellent establishment blending together the complimentary worlds of art and coffee. It organises weekly creative events and is also pet-friendly. Rest assured, both you and your furry friends will thoroughly enjoy this experience.

4) Café Amélie (££):

Amélie is everything you want it to be and a little more - a slice of down-to-earth class in the centre of the Serbian capital. The coffee is great, and so are the mocktails (and cocktails), cakes, sandwiches and fresh juices.

5) Kafe Šupa (£):

One of my favourite coffee houses in Belgrade! With an infectious party atmosphere on the weekends (accompanied by DJs), and movie marathons on Monday; it's more than your Average Joe cafe. Prices are exceptionally reasonable with a pet-friendly environment, vegetarian/vegan options, bohemian interior and damn good coffee.

6) Coffee Dream (££):

I am not a fan of chains and try my best to support independent businesses, but Coffee Dream is no ordinary franchise. Located within Belgrade's Knez Milhailova pedestrian zone (and 21 other branches in spread all over the city), it serves really good mocca, the creamiest chocolate cakes, live entertainment, outdoor seating and great views.

7) Cafe&Factory6 (££):

Slightly pricier than the afore-mentioned (but still pocket-friendly); Cafe&Factory6 roasts its own coffee beans and presents it in impeccable style. Located opposite St. Sava Church, the views are lovely and so are the staff. It also serves as a comfortable place to work from, especially for freelancers.

8) Leila Records (£):

Those who love collecting records are in luck - vinyl is back in fashion with full force. Leila is as much a record store as it is a cafe, and the two blend together to form something very special. With exceptional coffee and a vintage atmosphere, you won’t find a better mix of class and charm anywhere in the capital.

9) Centrala (£):

Centrala has the credence to back up Belgrade's iconic cafe culture. This is where 18-38 year olds of the capital go to discuss current affairs. The place gets very busy almost every night of the week, so don’t be surprised to find yourself in the middle of a lively debate or two.

10) Przionica D59B (£):

With professionally trained baristas passionate about their coffee knowledge and rightfully so, Przionica D59B offers creative inspiration with the frothiest cup of coffee. Go early, since the cafe tends to get quite busy as the day progresses.

All of the above-mentioned cafes also offer a plethora of food, snacks and excellent dessert options. Knock yourselves out!

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