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5 Easy, Safe And Amazingly Beautiful Road Trips From Kotor In Montenegro

Kotor Bay, Montenegro


Montenegro is a fantastic stopover on any itinerary. Whether it's a road trip through Europe or a relaxing cruise holiday across the continent - Bay of Kotor (or simply, Boka Bay) is a sight to behold. Since the region is so closely connected, it is incredibly easy to explore other areas by road. Here are some of my favourite road trips from Kotor to its five Boka Bay counterparts.

Boka Bay, Montenegro

1) Kotor to Tivat:

Aside from its rich naval history, Tivat is also famous for being one of the two airport carriers in the country. Today, it's old naval base has been transformed into a sophisticated marina where visitors can walk along, soaking in the Balkan sun. Tivat also offers exemplary seafood meals and is particularly famous for its trout. Rest assured, food is always an elegant affair. A return bus journey to the city is €2.10.

Tivat, Montenegro

2) Kotor to Perast:

I've endlessly raved about Perast in my previous blogpost - it deserves all the limitless praises it can get and more. Aside from its islands and medieval churches, getting to Perast from Kotor is incredibly easy. For a €3 return journey, the unbelievably scenic views are worth being a few euros poorer. Tickets are issued from Kotor's bus station for a direct journey to Perast.

Perast, Montenegro

3) Kotor to Herceg Novi:

Herceg Novi translates to 'New Castle' and is a historic but pristine alternative to some of the larger coastal cities in the region. This beautiful little place known as "town of 100,001 steps" dates back to the 14th century. Between the 15th and the 18th century, Herceg Novi was passed down to the Ottoman Empire, the Albania Veneta and even the Republic of Venice. Its turbulent history, however, has created an amazing diversity of cultures and architecture - definitely worth a visit. A return bus journey to Herceg Novi costs €4.50.

Herceg Novi, Montenegro

4) Kotor to Lovcen National Park:

The majestic park lies just an hour outside of Kotor, and is centred around Mount Lovcen. The black mountain that gave Crna Gora (Montenegro) its name is more than just a summit. It truly is a part of the nation’s culture and identity, and is often compared to Mount Olympus in Greece in terms of historical significance. A return bus journey to Lovcen costs €6.

Mount Lovcen, Montenegro

5) Kotor to Prčanj:

The charming town of Prčanj lies just 3 miles outside of Kotor, and definitely counts for an off the beaten track destination. Prčanj does not offer many tourist activities, however; it's perfect for those seeking relaxation and leisure. Visiting this beautiful town means having the chance to stroll through one-way streets with locals, pick up inexpensive souvenirs at the local post office and chat with residents at the handful of tiny restaurants (with home-cooked meals) in the area. A return journey to Prčanj costs €7.20.

Prcanj, Montenegro


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